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Message Encryptor

This Message Encryptor tool can be used to encrypt a plain-text message with either a password of choice, or a default server-sided password. This can be used for any number of general purposes, the limit is entirely up to you.

To decrypt messages that were encrypted using this tool, please use the Decryption Tool.

Note: This tool should NEVER be used for conversion and/or storage of password information. If you are writing an application or working on a project that needs to store or save passwords, this is NOT a tool that should be used for such a purpose. Passwords should be properly hashed and salted as an absolute minimum requirement which are not operations supported by this tool.

Encrypt A Message


Enter the plain-text message that you wish to encrypt. The message can be up to a maximum of 5,000 characters. Messages longer than this will be truncated to this length.


Optionally, enter a custom password to use for encrypting your message. If you wish to leave this blank, the message will be encrypted using a default server-sided password. Maximum password length is 255 characters. Passwords longer than this will be truncated to this length. WARNING: Password will be displayed in plain text on the field above. This is done so that you do not need to type the password twice for verification.

Output Mode:* Hex
Base64-Encoded Hex
Base64-Encoded Binary

Choose your preferred output mode. Note that the same value will need to be also indicated as the Input Mode when decrypting the message using the Message Decryptor. If you are unsure of this, you can leave this at the default value.