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Select tools that I have written and integrated into the site can be found on this page. Some tools were purpose-built while others may have been written as part of some project that I had worked on. This page includes both utilities that have been integrated into the site, as well as standalone software that must be run on a supported operating system.

Visitor Network Information

Get information about your IP address.

Network Information

Get information about a public IP address.

Message Encryptor

Encrypt a plain-text message with either a password of choice, or a default server-sided password. This can be used for any number of general purposes, the limit is entirely up to you.

Message Decryptor

Decrypt an encrypted message that was encrypted with the Encryption Tool with either a default server-sided password, or a custom password.

String Encoder & Decoder

Encode or decode strings with this utility. This will eventually be replaced with two standalone tools.

String Encoder

Note: Coming soon.

String Decoder

Note: Coming soon.