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Computer Builds

As a computer science major, I undoubtedly have a vested interest in various computer technologies. Unfortunately, I consider myself to be a late bloomer, as I feel much of the things I have learned myself (in addition to my overall experience in this field and the areas surrounding it) came about later than I had hoped— but I digress.

This page serves as a memoir and a ledger of sorts, documenting notable computer system builds that I have worked on, whether they were for myself or for someone else.

Please Note

  • This is not a comprehensive list of systems that I have built— some systems are not displayed here for security reasons.
  • Builds done for anyone other than myself will only be listed if the computer's owner wishes for it to be listed, and will be removed if the owner ever requests it.
  • Publicly-facing personal server systems that are live will not be displayed here until the end of their life-cycle, and only after they have been properly retired and decommissioned.
  • For security reasons, unless explicitly requested by the computer's owner, prices of the individual components and parts will not be shown.

Personal Builds

Computer system builds that I did for myself.