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This page contains links to some external sites or resources that I believe are useful for one reason or another.


This is a great site for helping to build a regular expression. They have a quick-reference for commonly used tokens and such and a live testing mechanism to help you test your expressions.

This has proven to be exceptionally helpful, particularly for individuals who may not do enough regex to remember the tokens by heart. All hail the power of regex.


Enjoy the Windows™Aero design that was present in Microsoft® Windows™ 7? This nifty program allows you to bring the feature back to Microsoft® Windows™ 8, 8.1, and 10 and customize some of its aspects to your liking.

A free version is available that leaves a watermark atop your desktop wallpaper with an occasional request to donate. You can optionally donate, even for a small fee (2€'s at the time of writing) and remove the watermark and donation requests.


This is a nice site for accessing archives of some select software.